Our Mission

BSta's mission is to provide superior training programs
tailored to its customers’ specific needs.

BRUBAKER-SHAW training associates, inc. has been offering training services to both public and private sector clients since 1994. Our facilitators are highly specialized, proven leaders who motivate participants to learn. BSta principals and instructors assess course participant needs directly with the customer. They then create training materials based on the institution’s own standards and practices, using familiar documents and products.

Post-course follow-up consists not only of feedback to management, based on participant evaluations, but also refresher forums, OJT sessions or value-added assessment, as needed. The result is a truly customized training program, which fits the needs and budget of the customer, and fulfills the requirements and skill-base of the participants.

After assessng ia client’s training needs we can usually offer the option of either granting Continuing Education Units, or in some cases college credits, for courses we provide. This is possible through BSta’s association with Colorado State University’s Denver Center for Extended Studies